Elizabeth’s Saw


Here are a pair of  wings I made quite a while ago. Was never really happy with them, so I did what I always do in that situation, I burned the heck out of them. My fellow artist friend Elizabeth called them kidney bean wings.

Elizabeth does a lot of mixed media too. I found this small rusty saw at a yard sale for $1 and got it for her for her birthday. Well she paired them up with the kidney bean wings and the rest is history. Sorry I stole your saw Elizabeth! (She gave me her blessing, but I still feel sorry, oh well, all for the love of art right!)

A good friend of both of ours bought it at the Made In Clarkdale Artist Showcase this December. So that makes me happy.


About artbyemm

I walk my dog every day in the surrounding areas of my small town in Arizona. Then I work at Mold In Graphics Systems up the street. Play with the kids and my husband. And then if I have time I work on my own website and artwork, but that hardly ever happens. Such is life!
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